Volume VII, Kodogu, Part 2

This is the second volume on Kodogu in the Nihon To Koza, and is on Kinko. Just browsing through the Table of Contents, I see Mino Bori, Yokoya Ke, Nara Ke, Tsuchiya Ke, Sugiura Joi, Nara Toshinaga, Yagyu Ke, Yoshikawa Ke, Omori Ke, Iwamoto Ke, Inagawa Ke, Katsura Ke, Sano Ke, Kikuchi Ke, Kikuoka Ke, Ishiguro Ke, Hamano Ke, Yoshioka Ke, Nomura Ke, Shitsu Ke, Tsuchi Ke, Tanaka Ke, Ozaki Ke, Murakami Ke, Someya Ke, the last of the Goto, and so on, etc., etc.. As with all of the books in this series, I am accepting advance subscriptions for this book. The cost of the advance subscription is $100.00 plus shipping and handling. The shipping and handling needs to be paid in advance to reduce paperwork. This price will hold until it goes to the printer, at which time it will go to $150.00. As with the other book on Kodogu, this book is also especially challenging because of the many names of both the artisans and the subject matter. To make matters worse, even the Toso Kinko Jiten lists the pronunciation of only about 10% of the names, informing the reader that the pronunciation of any given name can be Kunyomi (Japanese), Onyomi (Chinese), Jubako yomi (Chinese-Japanese) or Yuto yomi (Japanese-Chinese). The only basic rule that I can seem to find is that whatever reading is used for the founder of a given group, this same pattern is used for his pupils and descendants. This is not going to be accomplished overnight. This book, like the others in this series, is profusely illustrated.



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