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Also available is the AFU QUARTERLY. This is a 8.5 X 11 inch sized magazine, 64 pages, no advertisements, and comes out four times a year. These are printed on 80 pound coated paper, and sewn in 16 page signatures for durability. This is a quarterly magazine that I started last year. The intent is to produce four issues a year of a publication devoted to Japanese Swords, Accoutrements, and Budogu. Unfortunately, last year was a bad year for me as far as getting any work done is concerned, since I moved my family, my daughter and grandchildren as a separate family, and my business, to Texas. I also started a new Zodiac cycle, having passed the 60 year mark However, the good side of this is that the Quarterly is "on schedule" in that the first two issues have been done, the third issue is now being translated, and will be a little late, but it will be done. I am still playing catch-up. The last one for this year won't be completed until somtime next year.

The sources of material for the Afu Quarterly at this time are the NBTHK Publication Token Bijutsu, the NTHK Publication Token to Rekishi, and from Token Shunju Shinbunsha, Aito and Token Shunju. The first two issues are devoted mostly to swords and kodogu. In the very first issue, an in depth examination is made of the swords of Kaifu in what is now Tokushima-ken. The reason I picked this is that many sword books barely mention the swords from this region, and when they are mentioned, it is done so in a not always flattering manner. Yet, during the Koto period, some of these were of such excellent workmanship that they were made Gimei with Soshu names, and some were even passed off as being connected to Go Yoshihiro! A distintinctive trait of these swords in the Shinto period is that many have the mei engraved on the blade proper, rather than being incised on the tang. Even when polished to the point that only the deepest parts of the mei remain, it is often possible to discern the smith's name. This issue also carries two in depth articles on Kaneie Tsuba. In the second issue, I started translating a series of lessons on kodogu. These appear monthly in the Token Bijutsu, the official publication of the NBTHK, and I am presenting three in each issue. These articles start with the most basic of information. The cost of the Afu Quarterly is $112.00 per year, including air mail anywhere in the world.


Not coincidentally, these lessons on kodogu will also be printed one at a time in the JSS/US Newsletter, for a total of six a year, until completed. For further details, contact:

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